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created by abstractment + TENDER


pile #230

project description

Our realities appear as a layering of moments, emotions, and choices that accumulate through space and time. These experiences pile up to form the foundation for everything to come, shaping our perspectives and influencing our sense of self, character, and worldview.


'Pile' embraces the infinite possibilities of generative art to represent the rich, complex, and cumulative nature of life's experiences through the passage of time. Each moment builds on top of previous memories, where the present is always the sharpest, yet is soon obscured by what follows. Just as the imprint of past experiences can linger in our lives, the influences of older layers can still be seen in each piece, imbuing each composition with a depth and variety that is indicative of life's many histories. Composed of these textured and stacked layers, ‘Pile’ forms a dense and organic heap that embodies the controlled chaos of life's multitudes.


Responses to our experiences tend to oscillate between thoughtfully pragmatic and mechanical means – and more sensitive, organic, and even passionate approaches. They’re a blur of exactitude and wildness, entropy and growth, a range of experiences and outcomes that vary so greatly that only by changing our perspectives and taking a step back can we see the commonality between each of our piles of life’s moments. The result is a visual representation of the cumulative nature of life's experiences, where forgotten moments and cherished memories are piled high with abandon, yet worthy of celebration.


Inspired by the works of artists such as Jackson Pollock and Joan Mitchell, 'Pile' invites us to contemplate the rich and multifaceted nature of life, and to celebrate the distinctive stories that each of us carries within. Through its vivid abstraction of life's controlled chaos, and the tension between organic lines and overtly digital marks, 'pile' beckons us to consider the intricacies of our own layered identities and to revel in the diversity of life.

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