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        to split or tear apart violently

What holds it together is what breaks it apart.

rive #491.png

an intro


Starting with a repeatable system of colors and/or triangles typically seen in geometric abstraction, rive employs generative art to break/split/rive those patterns–and the comfort we find in them–in slight, seemingly unintentional ways. With each subsequent split, our comfort fades as the artwork is shredded into barely recognizable fragments of a once carefully orchestrated pattern.

Not all splits are created equal; some are subtle and barely visible while others are acute and violent.

I had three goals when creating rive; 1) make something outside of my typical style, 2) make a collection entirely from triangles, and 3) use a generative system to develop the color palettes.


The colors employed in rive are almost entirely generated through code with color combinations determined based on color theory.  The only exceptions are the "Black && White" and "Black, White, && ..." colors.  

In order to understand the descriptions below, please note that the hues within the color wheel range from 0 to 360.

color wheel-01.png


The full rive collection can be viewed at

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