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Clew, by abstractment - opN7z862pnujhQEY1EXDJ5rnr1qzcQBngw1JMbe93aqfdy3XN5V (6)_edited.jpg

about me.


Growing up, art was my jam.  Some of my proudest high school moments centered around art (painting/drawing/photography/drama).  I have been both a collector and creator offline for over 20 years and I'm now honing in on my newfound love, generative art. 

While I grew up in the states, I've spent most of my adult life living overseas, including Colombia, Rwanda, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Samoa, Chile, and Argentina.  Throughout my travels, collecting and creating art has served as a refuge that helps me adjust to new cultures.  


I currently live in Bangkok, Thailand and will be moving to Mexico City in August 2023.  If you're in the area, I'd love to meet up.

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