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Clew, by abstractment - opN7z862pnujhQEY1EXDJ5rnr1qzcQBngw1JMbe93aqfdy3XN5V (6)_edited.jpg

about me.


“abstractment” is the pseudonymous identity of a self-taught creative coder and generative artist exploring unspoken thoughts, visual nuances, and controversial ideas, unfettered by the constraints of his day job as a diplomat. 

His diplomatic career has exposed him to diverse cultural hubs rich in history, art, and tradition. From the vibrant markets of Thailand to the resilient, war-torn social fabric of Rwanda to the chief-based social structure of Samoa, each experience has contributed to his cultural nuance, diplomacy, and personal art collection.  And, reflective of his transient way of life, his portfolio of works favors exploration and experimentation over a consistent and distinct style.

Today, as he navigates his current posting in Latin America with his family, abstractment continues to evolve as an artist, heavily influenced by the comfort, cultural immersion, and limitations of his diplomatic profession. On one hand, his diplomatic career provides him the luxury of unhurried, deliberate artistic pursuits without the urgency of the fast-paced crypto space.  On the other hand, the rigid formality of international diplomacy chafes at abstractment's informal disposition, fueling a sometimes flagrant disregard for conventions in his artwork.  

Relatedly, as he’s become increasingly settled in his diplomatic career, abstractment has become captivated by the concept of pushing himself and his colleagues to a point of discomfort.  In doing so, there is both a rebellious attempt to stretch boundaries and a deliberate effort to trigger growth, self-awareness, and creativity.

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