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^^_^^ ;  comp_ Untitled; style_ Zig Zag -  - Paroxysm - ooLGvSeRGx6pbjDnxjaNDgfqZQYC4enLGU


created by abstractment + richpoole

surprise, it's a landscape.

palette shown: XXXX

an intro

^^|^^ is designed to push the landscape trend in generative art into a space that is more abstract.  

Created in p5.js, ^^|^^ is inspired by the 'The Tree', a series created by Sudanese artists, Ibrahim El-Salahi.  

​A note from abstractment:




A note from richpoole: 



a note on crayon marks



There are XX color palettes in ^^|^^, with just a few samples shared below.  Each color palette has a probability of 1-6%.  For explanatory purposes, I've locked all traits below—except for the one being featured—in order to  highlight the differences. 

the trunk and its branches

The core of every ^^|^^ is a trunk.  The sizes of each vary slightly but have no impact on the rarity; they are also adjusted to the orientation of the paper. The trunks were 

Some branches hang lower; some are fixed.   


palette shown: XXX


There are three compositions in ^^|^^, two of which were directly inspired by Ibrahim El-Salahi's 'The Tree' series.  



palette shown: riant


​You know when you're in the forest and there's a canopy on top.  Here you go.  


palette shown: vulnerable

paper color


palette shown: benevolent

frame & frame definition

When the border is on, it applies either a thin or thick frame to the artwork.    


palette shown: placid


if you keep this. 

palette shown: placid


there are aspects of ^^|^^ that are always semi-symmetrical, such as the vines and trunk.  In some cases, the branches and leaves are also semi-symmetrical.  In all 'symmetrical' cases, the lines are drawn to appear imperfectly symmetrical, particularly in regards to the smaller details.  

line color

The hash marks in ^^|^^ allow for two types of colors--normal (i.e., dark or light) and palette.

In 5% of the cases, the hash marks will switch colors between dark and light, allowing for some outputs to have dark pen on dark paper (or vice versa).  This additional quality is not included as a trait for rarity purposes.  


Whether printing at a scale that mimics real crayon strokes, or enlarging to accentuate their generative origins, pang will maintain its exactly intended composition and feel. By refining the algorithm and creating render efficiencies for the nearly 3 million carefully scattered dots, the algorithm is capable of outputting up to 15,000 pixels on the long side. Before exporting your piece, you may also turn off the background texture to prioritize the natural texture of your selected paper.


To make fine quality printing more accessible, Tender has partnered with one of the best fine art printers in the world to make exceptional pigment prints of fxhash pieces like pang. Each artwork is printed on quality Hahnemühle uncoated or coated paper (up to 42” on the short side) and safely delivered throughout the US and Worldwide. More details available through Tender.


Connect your wallet to and find the piece you own to order a print – every TENDER x Collaboration artwork will automatically receive a price 20% below their standard pricing.

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